Freight Forwarding & Supply Chains

The brains behind the transport

You need to know how to act quickly and work strategically in order to work with freight forwarding and supply chains. You have an important role in the transport process and if you join ILS we’ll show you the entire world as a world of opportunities. We’ll help you improve your career as well.


Warehousing & Distribution

The essential links in the supply chain 

Our people in warehousing and distribution are important for fulfilling our purpose – without them, we can’t transport and logistics company. Working in the ILS will give you direct contact with our customers, their goods and the logistic processes at a practical level. It means that you will be the person who keeps the supply chain running. It’s because of you that medicine, food and clothes find their way to consumers and the people who need them.



The digital fuel of logistics

Excellent IT is crucial to the transport industry – the systems behind the scenes which keep the wheels turning and fuel the massive machinery that we call international logistics. In ILS we take the IT function very seriously and that’s why we keep it in house. This means that you’ll get lots of opportunities to work closely with colleagues with a myriad of different skills, towards common goals in business-critical projects. So if you eat computer code for breakfast, we want you at ILS.

Finance and administration

Keeping us on track

Efficiency in the back office is important to our continued success. You will increase value by growing a smooth operation with the knowledge and tools to perform and face changes. You know why the right strategy makes a difference and you love to solve problems. You are part of a highly-tuned engine and steering us forward no matter where you work or whom you work with

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing – with no speed limits

The transport industry is a fast -growing business. Working in ILS will give you a great opportunity to move forward. We’re constantly expanding and are looking for brilliant with a thorough understanding of the market mechanisms in our industry.