We’ll encourage you to work as if ILS was your own business. Our local networks act very autonomously and decisions are close to the customer. This is the features which make us unique, agile, and strong.


We have a group of highly dedicated people who try to improve every day. If you like a challenge and a changing environment constantly then join us.


In our ILS academy, you will have access to knowledge and training that you can grow and influence the path of your career. We want you to understand your potential and reach your career goals.

We grow together

You’ll be part of a genuinely fast-growing company. We started our company in 1976, and since then we have improved our market share immensely. But we have only just begun – the best time to join ILS is now!

Global career development

You’ll have access to a huge network of possibilities. We offer you inspiring careers locally and internationally.

Informal environment

You’ll be a member of a dynamic and informal environment. This enables us to move fast, stay ahead and face challenges head-on. This is the ILS way which the company works.


We’ll make you powerful enough to make a difference. We believe in doing great things when people are given the opportunity and support which they need, so we trust in people.