Iranlogistic services group is comprised of three different companies, piragan co. aalibar co and barman farabar co. . since 1975 ILS have made major efforts in clearance, clearance advisory and transport. In this period ILS have successfully managed more than thousand projects every year. ILS customers are mainly consisted of multinational corporations, public corporations, special corporations, Limited Liability Companies , travel agencies and even respected businessman who has personally attempted importing and exporting goods.
Introducing the managers:


  Ali Mansouri borne in 1948, he successfully graduated from Dar ul-Funun in mathematics. Later he continued his education in Tehran Business School and successfully graduated in B.C of Business administration in 1973. In that year he took part in Custom Brokers License General Exams and with the highest point he became the 1st in ranking among all participants. In 1975 his brother, Farhad Masouri, and him successfully attempt to start their business by establishing Piragan Co.

Later in 1997 he took part in International Shipping Courses which were held in Azad Islamic University and immediately after graduation he successfully attempted establishing Aalibar Co. and he has been CEO in that Company since then.

  Farhad Mansouri borne in 1949, successfully graduated from Tehran Technology Institute in Auto Mechanics. He has serviced as a deputy CEO in Piragan Co. since it’s establishment.

In 1978, he successfully passed Custom Brokers License General Exam and since 1997, by Aalibar Co. establishment, he has been presented as CEO of Piragan Co.



Ali Mansouri borne in 1975, he has been employed in Pirangan Co. since 1993 and by graduating from professional courses in business and commerce in 2003 he successfully licensed as a customs broker. Since then he has been presented as manager of goods clearance department of ILS group.
  Amir Mansouri borne in 1981, graduated in B.C of Business administration. He  has made major efforts in Piragan Co. as an employee since 1999. He successfully passed professional Ground Transportation courses and got Fiata Diploma in 2006 and IRO Diploma in 2009. In addition, he has successfully took part in professional courses of Air and Sea Transportation in the best National transportation Institutions and now he is servicing as ILS transportation and transit department manager. In 2008 he successfully took part in Custom Brokers License General exam and licensed as a customs broker. Since then, he has been presented as CEO of BarmanFarabars Co.
Services available:



  • Goods clearance from customs all over the country
  • National Transit
  • International Transit
  • Goods transportation


All CEOs of ILS group are professionally educated and experienced. They all are licensed as Customs brokers and this success is the consequence of more than 40 years of effort in custom clearance and transportation.

ILS group has 30 employees and more than 15 well educated and experienced agent in different customs all over the country which they are all putting so much effort into work to provide the best services for their customers.

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