Real-time online access including full tracking and traceability of orders

According to the track and trace, we work with state-of-the-art IT systems, including:

  • Warehouse management system (WMS)
    The WMS can be extensively customized to resolve your specific requirements. The radio frequency technology can assist with barcode scanning, inventory management and order tracking are possible in real time.
  • Freight management system (FMS)
    The FMS optimize the distribution of your orders from planning to delivery. It can also handle inbound and outbound flows of goods, freight invoicing and settlement, and provide performance reporting.
  • Duty management system (DMS)
    The DMS is a fully integrated international trade, customs and duty management system that automatically forwards the required data to the relevant customs authorities.
  • ILS e-Visibility
    ILS e-Visibility is based on internet platform that gives you direct access from any location, giving you the view of the status of your orders, level of inventory, etc.

Integration Gateway
This gateway establishes the connection between your systems and our systems via electronic data interchange (EDI).